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24 CLM MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2017 The Honor Foundation's Steven Jones also attended the CLM Foundation luncheon to bring awareness of the work his group does to support and connect the highly qualified and educated Special Operations Forces community with employers that are in need of that kind of talent. "I'm happy to talk about the organization, but people expect me to say great things about it," says Jones, who serves as senior director of impact. "It's so much nicer when we have one of our fellows like Jose Vasquez whose life was really directly impacted by the program be able to go up on stage at the luncheon and share his personal story because I don't think people really have a sense of the transition struggle that so many of these guys go through. Many assume that these veterans will be just fine and will do great, but in reality, the transition is a struggle for every member of the military." Jones says the $25,000 funding A Season of Giving With its mission to train and educate adults about how to understand, talk about, and take action against child sexual abuse, Darkness to Light relies on contributions in order to break down myths, train facilitators, and support research and operations in all 50 states and 17 countries—all with a staff of just 10. "With education comes comfort and the ability to discuss difficult matters openly," says Darkness to Light CEO Katelyn Brewer. "So we wanted to speak about how important the partnership is with the CLM Foundation because it's a membership organization of 40,000 members who run businesses, makes decisions, and, at the end of the day, includes parents and volunteers who have children in their lives who they love." Brewer says money supports Darkness to Light's thousands of partners and tens of thousands of facilitators across the country who roll out the training to their local communities. Additionally, Darkness to Light helps finance research critical to ensuring it maintains its status as the only evidence- informed, adult-focused training for child sexual abuse prevention in the country. "Many times, our partners and facilitators come to us and say, 'We want to offer training but we haven't received a grant in order to pay for it. Is there any way you can give us X-amount of scholarships for free?' When we have reserve funds similar to the funds that CLM gave, we are able to do that with no problem," says Brewer. "Beyond that, we are a research-based organization and research costs money. We prioritize research because if we are going to tell people that we are certifying somebody in knowledge, we need to know that our knowledge sharing is doing what we are saying it is doing. It's important for us that we are basing our education on facts, figures, and data, and that we can prove—based on research—that our training does, in fact, influence behaviors and change people's perceptions about the topic." Fundraising takes up much of Brewer's time and is critical to the success of the organization, but she views it as a chance to educate, as well. "It takes time to get to the 'ask' because I often need to educate potential donors on why this is something worth investing in," says Brewer. "Not that they don't understand [the issue], but it can be difficult to understand how their money can help. That's why the CLM Foundation is such a diamond because [CLM CEO Adam Potter] and his team understood immediately why this was important and ran with it. It has supported us as an organization in a way that no corporation I've ever worked with has. [CLM has] invested in getting to know us." How can our membership continue to support Darkness to Light's initiatives? Brewer suggests that the power of CLM's local chapters is the key to gaining momentum and keeping Darkness to Light on track to reach its recently announced goal of completing 4 million trainings by 2020. "We are already at 1.4 million trainings, so to get to 4 million in the next few years will require a massive push. It would be incredible to have CLM as a partner in getting us there," says Brewer. "Honestly, I think getting local chapters to engage by doing things like hosting fundraisers is great. It sounds ridiculous, but it's so much easier when someone else asks for money for you than when you ask for money for you. So, just the act of supporting that way is priceless. I can't explain how much it is appreciated." Darkness to Light The Honor Foundation Darkness to Light CEO Katelyn Brewer, left, and board member Patty Dailey Lewis, Esq. shared the mission and purpose of Darkness to Light with attendees.

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