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THECLM.ORG CLM MAGAZINE 25 that The Honor Foundation received from the CLM Foundation will have a big impact on the training that his organization provides, which prepares members from the Special Operations Forces for new careers by giving them the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed. "We run a transition program that is unlike any other in the country," says Jones. "It's a 15-week, 150-hour comprehensive, executive education-style program that includes one-on-ones with mentor coaches. They also learn to understand their strengths, weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and what they want their higher purpose to be after the military. It's the program they deserve but don't get elsewhere, and it costs money to put on." Jones says the funding that The Honor Foundation receives directly impacts the lives of many families not just because it pays for the program itself, but also because the successful transition that these fellows are going to have will follow them for life. While funding is always important, he's hoping CLM can help in other ways, too. "We really want your membership and their companies to be involved in a more tangible way," says Jones. "We would love some of your folks to sign up to help mentor and hopefully begin hiring these guys. I think the insurance field is a good potential fit for many of them, so it's just a matter of getting them access and finding the right channels, which I know the CLM can be incredibly helpful with." A Season of Giving Kids' Chance of America Attendees at the luncheon and awards ceremony also heard from Kids' Chance of America, an organization that works with its state organizations to provide educational opportunities and scholarships for the children of workers seriously injured or killed on the job. Student scholar graduate Mason Snider told the audience about his personal experience and how the financial support from Kids' Chance of Virginia helped enable him to graduate from the University of Virginia with a mechanical engineering degree while also reducing the stress and worry of student debt. "The $25,000 donation from the CLM Foundation will provide additional scholarship funds directly to our state organizations," says Kids' Chance of America Executive Director Vicki Burkhart. "Last fiscal year, Kids' Chance of America provided more than $315,000 in scholarship funds to our state organizations, enabling them to increase scholarship award amounts and the number of recipients receiving awards." Burkhart says funds donated to Kids' Chance of America also are used to help build the state non-profit organizations through educational workshops; consulting and best practices in board development; and programming and fundraising "so that we can operate more effectively in reaching our guiding principle of reaching more kids with more money." Kids' Chance of America President John Goldwater, who also serves as executive vice president at W.R. Berkley Corp., says that while funding remains a challenge every year, the organization also faces an unexpected problem. "Since a high percentage of our volunteers are engaged in the workers compensation industry, it is often assumed that we have unfettered access to families and students of injured workers," says Goldwater. "However, due to individual state workers compensation statutes and HIPAA regulations, locating student applicants is quite challenging." He says CLM members and fellows can continue to support the organization by raising awareness throughout the claims and litigation management industries in order to identify new partners, sponsors, and volunteers, and it can also help provide a larger network of scholarship leads. "The generosity of CLM's donations permits us to enhance the monies we award to our state organizations," says Goldwater. "In turn, state organizations are able to increase the size of the scholarships they award to their students." K Kids' Chance scholarship recipient Mason Snider told his story about how a workplace injury affected his family and how the organization helped him earn an engineering degree. U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) Jose Vasquez talked about the The Honor Foundation's impact on his life.

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