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DEC 2017

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6 CLM MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2017 EDITORS' TEXTS With another year come and gone at CLM, Executive Editor Eric Gilkey and Managing Editor Phil Gusman chat about the past year and putting together the final issue of 2017. Here's a peek behind the scenes. The Chat Room Phil Gusman Phil Gusman Phil Gusman Phil Gusman Eric Gilkey Eric Gilkey Eric Gilkey Eric Gilkey And my first year along for the ride. How about you? As the grizzled veteran, what jumped out for you this year? Agreed, and it reminds me of a theme I've seen all year: How, after many years of predictions, technology is changing the industry. From the Between the Lines responses calling for more predictive analytics investments, to your interview with Matt Kenney about drone forensics, technology is not coming; it's already here. I'll go back to the first story I wrote for CLM Magazine, interviewing the CLM Professionals of the Year award winners. I was new to the CLM and saw right off the bat how enthusiastic and welcoming the CLM community is. Well, another year is in the books, and it's our first full year with a redesigned CLM Magazine! No doubt. Anything stand out for you this year working on the magazine? Does a few new gray hairs mean I'm grizzled? Honestly, I never get tired of interacting with some of the brightest and driven professionals I've ever encountered. Just like those in our industry are fond of saying, no two days are alike for us, and I find it extremely satisfying that I learn something new every day from these amazing professionals. When we stop talking about how drones are used and start talking about the claims they incur, we've taken the step to the next level. Self-driving cars can't be far behind!

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